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September 19, 2011

Mallard Law Office, Idaho Falls, Idaho, is pleased to refer SE Idaho Investigative and Legal Services and Chad Christensen to any law firm looking for a good investigator.  I have used other investigators in the past and their performances were certainly lacking.  I was happy when Chad told me he was working as an investigator and I immediately hired him to look into something for me; he was quick and had results back for my client in a short time.  I have used SE Idaho Investigative and Legal Services on several occasions now and have been very pleased in the results.

Kelly Mallard                                                                                                                               

Mallard Law Office



To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Chad Christensen
Dear Addressee:

My name is Curtis W. Sibley, I am a Deportation Officer assigned to the Fugitive Operations Unit for the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Investigator Chad Christensen in his capacity as a Fraud Investigator has been very helpful in our endeavors to locate Immigration Fugitives. Many of these fugitives have criminal records. Agent Christensen in my dealings with him has been very professional and has responded to our inquiries in a prompt and thorough manner. Often times his efforts has led us to the capture of our fugitives. Agent Christensen is an asset to our program. I am grateful to Agent Christensen for his dedication and talents.   


      Curtis W. Sibley

      ICE Agent / Homeland Security




July 26, 2010

To Whom it May Concern:

     My office has had the opportunity over the last few years to prosecute fraud cases submitted to us by Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Fraud Investigator Chad Christensen.

     This experience has been a positive one for my office. Chad is thorough in his investigations and capable at presenting solid cases to prosecute. Investigations submitted by Chad for prosecution are well-organized, contain excellent supporting documentation and include incident reports that firmly present the basis for the charge(s) being requested. Chad is very personable and tenacious in fulfilling his investigative duties. If my office requested additional follow-up on a case, Chad was efficient in providing the requested information. In addition, in any hearings Chad appears for and/or testifies in, he is always prepared and presents well. He is quick in his though process and an asset to case presentation. Furthermore, he stays current on the status of cases and the final outcomes.

     Prior to Chad being assigned to our region, there were not many, if any, Department of Health and Welfare fraud cases submitted for prosecution. Once Chad became involved in investigations in our community, the number of fraud cases submitted for charging increased and most ended with favorable results due to Chad's thorough investigation and case preparation.

     My office holds Chad Christensen in high regard for his services and skills. We appreciate the opportunities we have had to work with him. He is a valuable asset to any investigation, works well with all parties involved, and is a pleasure to work with through all aspects of a case.



JaNiece Price                                                                                                                         

Bannock County Deputy Prosecutor



To whom it May Concern:

This letter concerns knowledge of Chad Christensen of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Chad and I have worked together for about 3 years. We are both welfare fraud investigators.

Although I do not work on a daily basis with him, Chad has been very helpful whenever I had to ask for his assistance. He is prompt and thorough in his work.

I asked Chad to help me on a particular case when I needed someone to assist in doing witness interviews. He elicited the statements of numerous people and wrote an outstanding report on each interview.

Although there are other investigators with more experience Chad, he meets or exceeds work done by others. I have always been impressed with the output of his work. He always seems very self-directed and conscientious.



Paula J. Culet


State of Idaho




I appreciate the service you rendered with respect to _______. I am grateful you were able to hold her feet to the fire in her Food Stamp fraud case, and I am grateful for your testimony you provided to the court on this subject. These termination cases are quite amazing in that we have to present evidence from so many angles to demonstrate that the parent is incapable or unwilling to care for his or her children. The type of testimony you provided is exactly the type of testimony that we need. Thanks again for your great service to the citizens of the State of Idaho and to those you work with.


Mark V. Withers

Deputy Attorney General




To whom it may concern:

My name is Ralph Lambright. I am a Special Agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). I have known Chad for approximately 6 years since January 2005.

I have worked closely with Mr. Christensen on multiple federal criminal investigations referred to the ATF office from Probation and Parole (specifically Mr. Christensen himself). During this time, Mr. Christensen has presented himself in a very professional manner to include contact with probationers and parolees, police officers, and prosecutors.

During this time I have worked with Mr. Christensen, his work ethic if second to none and his character is beyond reproach.


Special Agent Ralph Lambright

251 E. Front Street, Suite 204

Boise, ID 83702




 To whom it may concern:

It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Chad Christensen. I have known Chad for several years, both as a friend and an associate. Chad is a fine Probation and Parole Officer and a great individual.

Myself and numerous police officers have worked closely with Chad at all hours of the day and night while he made contacts with parolees, conducted searches, and arrests. During the time Chad was working I noted he has always conducted himself with the utmost honesty and good character. Chad's parolees respect him, and even like him because he was fair and treated them well. Chad's willingness to work hard, personal motivation, and personable nature have been continuously demonstrated.

There are over fourteen parole officers supervising hundreds of subjects in our area. Over the years when a uniformed officer needed a Parole officer no matter what time it was there were two State Probation Officers we would call. One of them was Chad Christensen, and the other now works for another government agency. All of the uniformed officers know Chad for the simple reason that he works. I thought it was interesting that uniformed officers would call of these two State Probation and Parole Officers no matter who the probationer was assigned to. This is because these two men would actually answer their phones, set aside their personal lives and respond to help us. I have heard local police officers say, "If you need help with a probationer call Chad or ___," a reputation not everyone enjoys.

There are some dangerous and evil men that Parole Officers are assigned to deal with. As a resident of Idaho Falls I sleep better knowing that men like Chad stand a ready watch over those who would do us harm.

I consider myself lucky to have Chad as a friend. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. I can connect you with many city officers or county deputies who feel the same way I do.


Steven L. Poulter

Idaho Falls Police



Of Parole Officer Christensen's moral ethics and integrity we have found no one affiliated with the Idaho State Probation and Parole Office that we hold in higher esteem. We believe that Christensen has served the citizens of this State with honor and dignity. And we have found Officer Christensen's honesty is never in question.

We believe that there are few that could match Christensen's skill and relentless work ethic throughout this area.


-23 members of the Idaho Falls Police Department


"I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."
  ~George Washington


























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