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EDUCATION - Investigator Christensen

Bachelor of Science/Political Science                                                                    Idaho State University, 2001        

            Research assistant for published Historical Dictionary of Terrorism       


Associates of Arts and Sciences/Criminal Justice                                                BYU-Idaho, 1996

            Emphasis in law enforcement


WORK HISTORY - Investigator Christensen

Idaho House of Representatives                                                                          12/18 to current

State Representative                                                                                              District 32


SE Idaho Investigations                                                                                         08/10 to current

Chief Investigator/Owner                                                                                       Idaho Falls, ID


IDHW/Bureau of Audits and Investigations                                                             01/07 to 08/10

Certified Welfare Fraud Investigator                                                                        Idaho Falls, ID

·Detected and investigated welfare fraud using investigative tools, methods, and strategies. 

·Facilitated administrative sanctions on welfare recipients and submitted criminal cases for local prosecution.

·Maintained and organized detailed casework documentation.

·Assisted local and federal agencies in investigations. 


Idaho Department of Correction/District 7 Probation and Parole                          Idaho Falls, ID 

Sr. Probation/Parole Officer                                                                                      06/03 to 12/06                                                                   

·Monitored adult convicted felons to ensure community safety by investigating and detecting probation/parole violations and criminal activity. 

·Maintained a detailed record of case activity, fieldwork, and use of force situations.     

·Facilitated the Fugitive Recovery Unit (warrant service) and coordinated recovery efforts with local and federal law enforcement.

·Served as a liaison for the department with the ATF, U.S. Marshals, F.B.I., and other federal agencies. 

·Firearm range assistant, taught firearm safety and proper shooting technique. 


Jefferson County Probation                                                                                      Rigby, ID

Probation Officer                                                                                                        06/01 to 06/03

·Monitored probationers to ensure community safety by investigating and detecting probation violations.            

·Enforced court orders as outlined by the judge, conducted warrant service, conducted pre-sentence investigations.

·Made sentencing recommendations to the judge, testified, and served as in officer of the court. 

·Investigated illegal activity of probationers. 


Behavioral Health Center/Teton Peaks (juvenile corrections - treatment)           Idaho Falls, ID

Group Leader                                                                                                             05/99 to 06/01

·Monitored and oversaw the implementation of the Positive Peer Culture program. Directed psychiatric technicians and line staff.       

·Facilitated the nightly peer processing group. Worked with state to ensure proper interventions were being implemented. 


United States Army Reserve                                                                                     SLC, UT / Pocatello, ID

Military Police Officer/Investigator                                                                           03/99 to 06/13                    

·Proficient and experienced in intelligence, police patrol, response to crime and chaotic situations, security for highly sensitive areas, report writing, investigations, and general police activity.

·Possessed a secret security clearance. 

·Supervised and directed a squad size element of soldiers at Ft. Douglas, UT.

·Firearm range cadre, facilitated firearm safety and proper shooting technique. 





·National Insurance Crime Training Academy, certified insurance fraud investigator 03/11.

·U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver Course 10/10.

·Basic and Advanced Interview and Interrogation Course by Dr. Steven Rhoades 04/10.

·United Council on Welfare Fraud training in Snowmass, CO; passed certified investigator test 09/08.

·MPI (military police investigations) School 07/07.

·Idaho Department of Corrections Academy 06/03. 

·Army annual training in Germany and Italy (assisted active duty military police in investigations).

·Army Basic and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 08/02 (military police school).

·POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training), graduated training with “A” average 10/01.

·Army Achievement Award for rifle marksmanship, Army achievement certificate for perfect pistol qualification.


"If you have integrity, nothing else matters."
  ~Alan Simpson